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Birthdate:Jun 12
Location:London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Hey, I'm Alex! I'm a Psych & Neuropsych student currently based in London, UK, but soon to be moving to North Wales. Among other things, I like kittens and coffee, rationality, and being lazy.

I have a love-hate relationship with personality typing due to the fact that I can't fit myself very neatly into any of the main systems. Case in point:
❦ I went through ENTP, INTP, ISTP and back again to ENTP before deciding I'm pretty even on all dichotomies aside from T.

❦ My Enneagram type is some unbelievable mishmash of 8, 5 and 9.

❦ My D&D alignment wavers between True Neutral, Chaotic Neutral and Neutral Evil (so long as we lower the threshold for Evil so that it is comparable with Good).

Thankfully I am clear on a couple! s|C|uEI, sOTW|V| and Lannister (oh, I'm a GoT fan).

You can find me most often on Tumblr, but I love meeting new people and chatting on MSN and AIM, so if you'd like to add me just shoot me a message! I'm also active on LiveJournal and MyAnimeList, so feel free to friend me there, too.
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